Monday, 17 October 2016

Bowling championships - Cheltenham

Memebers of 4th Cheltenham took part in the 10 pin bowling
championships in Dunstable. Coming in 2nd place . Trophy was presented
by Jonathan Eales

Avon battalion fonders day preade at 11th bristol companey

1st Tewkesbury Company 60th Anniversary Year

1st Tewkesbury Company 60th Anniversary Year

In 1956 Colin Durrant, who many in the District will know, re-started Boys’ Brigade in Tewkesbury at Holy Trinity Church. There was originally a BB Company based at the Congregational Church in town from 1905 but it closed around 1907 and a Church Lads Brigade Company started at Tewkesbury Abbey.

Over the last 60 years the 1st Tewkesbury Company has achieved many things so we have lots to look back on and celebrate, and with over 70 boys in membership today, lots to look forward to.

The first anniversary event was a re-union day, held at our HQ, that attracted members from every decade of the last 60 years, including our founder Captain, 4 of our 5 other Captains and some of the founding ‘boys’ present at the first meeting of the Company. Badges, uniform, booklets and 100’s of photographs made a great display of our history. Many conversations were held by former members over cups of tea, talking about past camps, band competitions, practical jokes and friendships made during their time in the 1st Tewkesbury. The special anniversary badge was available to purchase and afterwards the display moved to Tewkesbury Museum for 2 months for a wider audience to enjoy.

This year our Junior Holiday was held at the Kingswood Centre, Colomendy in North Wales, where there were some fantastic facilities for our group of 20 to enjoy. During the week the boys (and staff) enjoyed archery, low ropes, laser tag, raft building, abseiling, caving, leap of faith, water rockets, fencing, camp fires and lots more.

Our annual Display & Awards Night was held in Tewkesbury Abbey in June and attended by many local dignitaries; our chief guest was the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire (the first time she had been to a Boys’ Brigade event). The evening was a great night of entertainment and recognition for the achievements of our member, with 2 Presidents Badges, 5 Silver DofE awards and 4 Queen’s Badges, amongst many other badges, it was a great advert for Boys’ Brigade and young people.

At the end of each session we have a parents & boys BBQ and fun night, for our anniversary year we used a local outdoor leisure park and hired their climbing wall, giant inflatable slide, sumo suits and the gladiators duel. It was a busy night with over 150 people attending and a great way to finish the first half of our anniversary year.

Since then we have been on a fantastic Company Section camp to Jersey where we had a packed week of activities that included Segway, coast steering, sea kayaking, blo karting (land yachting on the beach), and a trip to the Mansell Collection of racing memorabilia and cars – the highlight of which was a private meeting with Nigel Mansell. A great week based at the former Battalion HQ at St John, but sad that it is now closed and being sold.
The new session has started well and whilst some members have gone off to university, all sections have seen new boys join in the first month back. Our final celebration event for the 60th year is a special parade to the church where the Company was founded and the re-dedication of our BB gates – following a complete refurbishment.

Andrew Baldwin

Re-union Day & Display of Memorabilia

Junior Holiday in North Wales

Display & Awards Night

Parents & Boys BBQ Night

Company Section Camp on Jersey

Saturday, 15 October 2016

1st annd 3rd Taunton brigade and girls association flot for the Taunton carnival @ Rowbarton methodist church

On Saturday 15th October 1st/3rd Taunton Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association took part in Taunton Carnival as a walking entry being “Pirates on Parade”. Some of the members of the Anchor and Junior Sections performed a routine along the route which was well received by the crowds watching. The anchor that was used as part of our carnival entry was built by members of the Senior Section as one of their Challenges. We came second in our class. The boys and girls really enjoyed themselves and were a credit to our company.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Queens Garden Party – Elliot Jehan

The Queens Garden Party (May 2016) – Elliot Jehan
I first found out in March that I had been selected to attend HM The Queen’s Garden Party as one of three stewards representing the West of England & Channel Islands District.
As I live in Guernsey, having found out so early was very beneficial for me as it allowed me to plan my trip far ahead of time, allowing me to book where I was going to stay and all of my travel arrangements without having to rush.
I travelled to London the day before, with my dad and my grandpa (as they hadn’t been to London in a while), to allow for plenty of time to travel, get to our hotel, grab a bite to eat and so on… On the day of the party we were to meet in front of Westminster Chapel where we would then be moved to a room around the back of the Chapel to allow us to change and also get a rundown of the day ahead by Eric Hudson and Kevin Norman, the two officers in charge of our involvement with the event.
Once everyone had changed into their uniforms we were escorted by Eric and Kevin, to the front of Buckingham palace where we would proceed to have our photo taken by Eric, Kevin and passers-by. Getting into the palace itself involved we having to enter through one of the side entrances and required us to have both photo I.D and a POA (Proof of Address), luckily we all got in.
After having enjoyed lunch in one of the Palace’s many rooms, we were then assigned the roles that we would then have to fulfil throughout the course of the afternoon. I was fortunate enough to be assigned the role of counting the tickets of the guests as they entered the palace, a role I shared with only one other person; however Kevin was also there to assist us, along with the seniors who were assigned to greet said guests and then pass their tickets on to us to be counted.
After having counted and sorted the Eight Thousand-odd tickets, we were then given a break and were allowed to venture outside to the steps overlooking the party itself and talk to one-another, along with any of the guests who either needed information, or who happen to recognise the BB uniforms. The end of our break came at roughly the same time that the guests were beginning to leave. We were then instructed to form a guard of  honour on either side of the main lobby, as a way to honour the various guests (one of whom was the Captain of the 2nd Guernsey company Steve England, the company to which I am a part of) who attended the party.
After all was said and done we were given Certificates to recognize our service for the day, along with some monetary compensation. We finally returned to Westminster Chapel just after Seven o’clock, I left with my dad and grandpa shortly after as we had to return to the hotel to grab our bags before traveling to Gatwick to stay the night.
All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed both my trip to London and helping out at the Palace and would like to thank everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to attend such an event.

Elliot Jehan – 2nd Guernsey Company

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Monday, 27 June 2016

The Queens garden party - Alasdair Rust

The Queen’s Garden Party - Thursday 19th May 2016
The Queen’s garden party was a wonderful experience for me to attend at Buckingham Palace thanks to the Company and West of England and Channel Island District.
The day didn’t begin well for my first visit to London, due to the cancellation of the 06.50 train service I had booked to travel on. This resulted in catching a later service which gave me less time to get to Westminster Chapel where we were meeting. Due to the fact that this was to be my first visit to London and not knowing the area I did get lost causing it to take longer to arrive at the meeting point; but still arrived on time where I meet the rest of group and some of those who I already knew from my Queen’s badge completion course.
Once we had all changed into our uniforms, the 23 of us who were assisting at the Garden party were taken to the Palace at midday where we had our photo taken in front of it. We were then divided into groups which would be the roles that we would be doing throughout the afternoon. We then proceeded through security into the Palace Garden’s by which time it was lunch time, this took place in the Palace in one of the rooms.
The group that I was with was assigned to greet and assisting the guests who were coming through the main lobby of the Palace and into the gardens. This involved giving the guests directions on where to go and aiding them with any problems they had.
Once all the guests and dignitaries had arrived we all stood in the doorways of the gardens as the Queen and others members of the Royal Party proceeded down the Garden steps to the lake.
At this point we were given a break whist’s the guests enjoyed the music, food hampers and meeting the Royal Family. We then returned to where we were carrying out our duties as the guests and dignitaries proceeded to leave. Once they were all gone we formed up in the Main Lobby of the Palace where we were presented a certificate thanking us for our services during the party. We were then escorted off the Palace grounds through the front gates.
By the time we had finished it was around 19.00 at which point we were back at Westminster Chapel and preparing to leave, my return train service wasn’t until 20:20 which gave a small amount of time to do a spot of sightseeing on the journey back to Waterloo Station. The long journey back then arrived into Exeter just after midnight.

Alasdair Rust
10th Exeter Boys’ Brigade

Sunday, 22 May 2016

District competitions day in yeovil

A short message from jason frost district president

“The two District competition days were held once again this year at Yeovil College in Somerset. As you can see from the results all manner of contest was offered with teams travelling from far afield to take part. Companies from Bath, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Taunton, Tewkesbury and Torquay entered what were to be two brilliant days of challenge, fun and fellowship. The levels of determination and teamwork were apparent at all times from the youngest competitor to the oldest supporter!! Both days had that traditional BB noisy, busy and friendly feeling with everyone keen to get on with proceedings with excitement and enthusiasm. Following lessons learnt in the past, both days went ahead of schedule and I believe that all involved went home  their separate ways tired but content!

Thanks must be given to Nigel Stocker at Yeovil College for once again providing the excellent facilities to the District at no charge. This continuing relationship with Yeovil College saves the District a massive amount of money each year that we can use for other funded District activities and grants. The only provision is that we respect the premises and I am pleased that at both events everything was left clean and tidy! I must extend my personal thanks to the unofficial District Sports Committee who are tasked with refereeing, timing, shifting equipment and collating results and certificates. Thank you for assisting in making these days such a success. Also a thank you to Pat Bartlett (ably assisted by my daughter on the Junior Day) for running the extremely popular tuck shop that had nearly run out of stock on both days!! Finally, thanks to the Companies that entered and their dedicated leaders that committed their own personal time to bring their members to Yeovil. A final, final thank you to the main reason that we were all there, our young people. One young man asked me when I was presenting the welcome whether he “had” to take part in the day’s activities. I replied that what he would get out of the day would be dependent on the effort  that he put into the day!! I kept an eye on that particular lad and he had an absolutely brilliant time being part of his team! This youngster wasn’t the only one though, I never tire of these competition days watching different events going on, teams participating, talking tactics, analysing their last game, laughing, scoffing lunch and encouraging others enjoying a brilliant experience that I believe only the Boys’ Brigade can provide! Well done to everyone that took part and I look forward to 2017!!


Junior section

Thursday, 19 May 2016

District numbers for for 15/16

Membership Analysis 2015/16

No. of Coys
5yr Trend

3 (3 returns)

11 (9 returns)

8 (7 returns)

11 (8 returns)

10 (10 returns)

2 (2 returns)

7 (7 returns)

7 (7 returns)

59 (53 returns)

5 largest Companies:

1st Alderholt (with GA) 80
1st Tewkesbury (Boys only) 68
4th Cheltenham (Boys only) 63
2nd Bournemouth (with GA) 52
1st Torquay (Boys only) 44

5 smallest Companies:

21st Bristol (with GA)   4
2nd Dorchester (with GA)   4
10th Exeter (with GA)   5
3rd Bristol*   6
1st Exmouth*   6

5 largest increases in membership:

2nd Weston SM (boys only) +12 67% 30 (18)
5th Plymouth (with GA) +10 83% 22 (12)
4th Cheltenham (boys only) +  8 15% 63 (55)
1st/3rd Taunton (with GA) +  5 39% 18 (18)
1st Tewkesbury (boys only) +  5   8% 68 (63)

5 largest decreases in membership:

1st Alderholt (with GA) -32 -29% 80 (112)
7th Gloucester (with GA) -22 -39% 35   (57)
2nd Bournemouth (with GA) -18 -26% 52   (70)
20th Bristol (boys only) -18 -56% 14   (32)
1st Poole (with GA) -17 -38% 28   (45)

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Scripture Results for 15/16

District Scripture Competition Results 2015 /16

9 companies took part and these are as follows:
2nd Bath
2nd Bovey Tracey
1st Cheltenham
1st Churchdown
5th Gloucester
7th Gloucester
5th Swindon
1st Tewkesbury
1st Torquay

67 members took part
46 x 8 – 9yr olds
21 x 10 – 11yr olds

8 - 9yr olds
1st Adam Jackson1st Tewkesbury
2nd George Ellis1st Tewkesbury
3rdAmy Carter7th Gloucester

10 - 11yr olds
1st Robert Godsell5th Gloucester
2ndSam Knight5th Gloucester
3rd Elias1st Torquay

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Competion time

so here it is completion time I am looking for a new logo for the website if wanting to enter contact nick owen on  .

look forward to your entry's and hope to here from loads of you.

Many Thanks

Nick Owen

District Executive Webmaster